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“There is another loneliness”

Emily D.

Without silence, there could be no sound. Without being alone, we could not be together. The space of your own depth, beyond form, beyond thought, shows the way into a map of an encompassing presence, a beingness. The formless silence within ourselves is deep, and can only be heard if the sound of your formed identity can be still. The series of paintings can be viewed as a journey into the notions of aloneness and togetherness. The paintings communicate a silent abstract language/dialog with the viewer, by reflecting an underlying essence, where the painting has a life of its own, and where no elements are inferior or superior to one another. The paintings are a wordless language, a way of communicating and connecting through an intimate language of visual sensitivity. The response of forms and spaces within the paintings, alongside lines and gestures reflect back a passage of liveliness on the canvas, but also loneliness. Here lies a connection between the notion of identity and the awareness of belonging to one another. An existential relation, a bareness to the external world around us, like a leaf absent from the tree, the paintings reflect a hesitation to what natural closeness really is, stemming from the individual’s alienation in the face of an increasingly anonymous society. The internal relations of the mediums used shows a spontaneous creative act within the painting itself, like an opening of oneself, or giving oneself over, to one’s own unconscious perceptions. Unintended gestures express something beyond the smooth surface, like a secret life of emotions on an inarticulate unconscious level, while the articulate, rational surface of forms and shapes, show a psychological depth of the connection between being alone and together. A metaphysical presence, about nothing and absence, but also about existence.

“It's so effortless to let my loneliness defeat me, make me mold myself to whatever would (in some way - but not wholly) relieve it. I must never forget it... I want sensuality and sensitivity, both... Let me never deny that... I want to err on the side of violence and excess, rather than to underfill my moments.”

― Susan Sontag, Reborn: Journals and Notebooks, 1947-1963

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