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Oppdatert: 7. feb. 2021

Passage # 1: “From your large black eyes invisible hands draw delicate threads through the pupils of my eyes and twine them around my heart” e-munch "Passages unknown" explores the relation between the invisible and visible energies that connects us together, dismantling physical boundaries that reflect the power of freedom of space. The paintings, drawings and outdoor installations are visible and present, yet transparent and absent. Like a womb, they gradually grow into an abstract beingness beyond a particular identity, by revealing the presence of an absence through the indefiniteness of their existence. The artworks reveal a creative process where the seen is intertwined with the unseen, overlapping and clashing, effacing binary oppositions. It is here our humanness is revealed and we are able to connect to one another. Beyond physical boundaries and preconcieved notions of particular identities into a freedom of space and abstract being-ness. The process starts at Edvard Munch’s studio where I am using the space for four months. I have chosen this location as an entering point to an exploration between the perceived visual and the imperceptible unseen. What strikes me with Edward Munch’s paintings is his ability to explore the seen and unseen. He lets us in through an abstraction of visual elements to the feelings of fear and anxiety of being simply invisible and tied down to the ground by the unseen and at the same time finding a rhythmic balance through the visual pictorial elements showing how existence is a balanced part of the cyclical nature. The nature of language in painting and drawing is the ability to experience a presence that reveals an absence. As I view a finished painting, the invisible realm of my imagination intertwines with the visible. I find an unconscious balance in this hesitation between the realization of subtly effacing my conscious reflections of any preconceived notions of binary oppositions of the visible and invisible. Here I find a balance as the presence intertwines and relates with a present absence. It is through the creative process, where I pass into the unknown, that I realize the peaceful rhythmic balance and beauty of invisibility as visibility and visibility as invisibility. Exploring and entering the unseen through the intuitive process of the becoming of an image, I enter into gaps and spaces in-between where the line of my pencil is alive and the colors awake. The seen and unseen in language, suggests the elusive and ephemeral nature of our existence, and the transparency reflects a unique and indefinable language within humanness. The surface of the artwork can always be seen through. It is visible and present, transparent and absent. My own reality is exposed through personal maternal reveries in my drawing and painting process that open up to a birth of new meanings fleeting through a reality of the invisible nature within becoming visible. Sensing a birth from within and awakening to it through the becoming of the visible. Like an echo coming back, the clashing of energy between the effacement of binary opposites of inner unseen and outer seen realities suspending in mid-air as it touches one’s humanness and the creative act weaves into a life form. It is here I understand the invisibility of space and thedifferance of Derrida where every presence bears the trace of the absence. It draws my imagination into the in-between spaces of lingering and dwelling, understanding the impossibility of describing this in an outer language, just as the trace becomes effaced. I find this tension as a nerve throughout presence as the unconscious act of dwelling creates the power of incubation through the invisible into visibility. The cyclical maternal nature reveals itself, and I find a balance between layers of colors, shapes and forms settling as structures and deconstructions clashing together with the fragile existence of pencil lines. Like a womb, it gradually grows into an image by revealing the presence of an absence through the indefiniteness of its existence. The series “Passages unknown” reveals a creative process seen as a bending and coming together of the inwards and outwards nature of existence, hidden through depths of translucency that illuminates sparks of a grounding essence revealing the becoming of the visible through our invisible nature. Entering through unseen threads, and returning through visibility as an echo shows the tension of our humanness, just as a fine thin line is being pulled in each end, quivering as the line is released through an invisible elasticity of unknown energy that releases and becomes our very own visibility. The seen is intertwined with the unseen, overlapping and clashing, effacing binary oppositions and dismantling physical bounderies.It is here our humanness is revealed, beyond preconcieved identities, we are able to connect to one another. “I saw all the people behind their masks smiling, phlegmatic, subdued faces. I saw through them and there was suffering in them all.” E.-munch

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