“Visible/absence “ is a series of paintings exploring the topic of loss and grief. It started out as a personal grieving process where I painted small paintings after the death of my mother. It developed further into many paintings. I needed the paintings, in a sense, to pass to the other side of life, and become alive, but the only footsteps I heard were my own. The paintings exist as an intimate abstract dialog. They explore what loss is; what is under the surface, adding depth and layers? What is still visible?  


Notes * 

How can a sentence unfold without a sentence? How can we sense what loss is? Exploring a tension between a visible existence and an invisible one, bringing what is no longer visible, a loss, into a visible dialog of senses. a concentrated muteness, not demanding of attention , leaving an underlying narrative merging into a field of vision where the light can exist as a formless form of abstraction.

Notes **

 A breath of life, the beauty of a passage, a subtle tension can exist as the soft sound of an underlying absence, presents itself. Like wiping away paint, what was once there, is still there. What I can sense has disappeared, is still present in the underlying paint itself, like the feeling of letting one’s mind wander through the indefiniteness of a slight, imperceptible shift of color. A moment of living, a precision of feeling, illuminating itself and the livingness of a space,  adjusting to the shifting relationship  of an empty vocabulary of lines, glowing, without explanation or identity. Is it possible to hold onto a line? As one breathes, a continuation exists, into the sure straightness of the very line, and the painting develops as one adjust to the feeling of loss, and that of being in and part of the world.