Traces of absence

Process notes III “In proportion as I have celestial thoughts, is the necessity for me to be out and behold the western sky before sunset these winter days. That is the symbol of the unclouded mind that knows neither winter nor summer. What is your thought like? That is the hue, that the purity, and transparency, and distance from earthly taint of my inmost mind, for whatever we see without is a symbol of something within, and that which is farthest off is the symbol of what is deepest within. The lover of contemplation, accordingly, will gaze much into the sky.” –Journal, January 17, Thoreau The invisible is the root of all visibility, yet never visible. When daily experiencing time, we sim

Traces of absence II

"An art of passage, about reality that has already passed by...and which leaves a spread or spray of traces. Like the pulse of red that stays on the desert horizon for some minutes after the sun has set, or the lemon-colored track of urine in the snow. Art that shadows reality, delicately following in its half-blurred tracks, sketching it from afar." -Susan Sontag, 1981 The empty space of Edvard Munch’s atelier is a reminder of the living paradox of nature as both fleeting and transitory, but also endless and eternal. Exploring the empty space, I find traces of both absence and presence. Traces of paint on the floor and table, small cracks in the wall showing the layers behind, and the echo

Traces of absence

”To live means to leave traces” walter benjamin As my process unmasks itself, the moment of an empty space is where I am able to understand the beauty of its existence. These empty spaces are traces of an absence existing obliterated from view, non-visible traces that are within and around us. The movement of a trace is a tender expression of the vulnerability of life as it exists in an ever changing space between construction and dispersal, and presence and absence. absence is presence. The Munch atelier is an empty space, an empty presence, and Munch´s paintings are removed. The building stands as an empty shell. Like a cast. A monument of the unseen. And as I start occupying the space, a