Passage # 1: “From your large black eyes invisible hands draw delicate threads through the pupils of my eyes and twine them around my heart” e-munch "Passages unknown" explores the relation between the invisible and visible energies that connects us together, dismantling physical boundaries that reflect the power of freedom of space. The paintings, drawings and outdoor installations are visible and present, yet transparent and absent. Like a womb, they gradually grow into an abstract beingness beyond a particular identity, by revealing the presence of an absence through the indefiniteness of their existence. The artworks reveal a creative process where the seen is intertwined with the unsee


The project, “Unintended interpretations”, is a series of paintings, drawings and outdoor installations that investigate the complexity and depth of freedom of language. It seeks to understand the abstract transforming powers of language that arise between visual and textual realms. By studying different poetic passages, I found a close relation to my own painting and drawing where passages through the unperceived or unconscious into the conscious present moment become visible through a series of abstract visual dialogs. Like moving between night into day, the mind slides between levels of awareness and self-awareness of both visible and invisible passages of language. The elusive, transcend