The project consists of a series of outdoor drawings and installations, created through my own personal dialogue with nature. The nature that meets the viewer is from a coastal area from the South coast of Norway, past Kristiansand. The drawings and installations are part of a project that I have been working on for several years. As a kid, I used to play in this area, and I knew all the rocks by heart, jumping from stone to stone, and playing here for hours at a time in my summer breaks. Back then, before the mobile phone existed, playing in nature was a natural part of growing up. I remember I used to memorize the stone formations, and the different angles fascinated me. I liked to lie down and study them from different positions. Here my fantasies started. I imagined the stones were secret paths to hidden treasures. I was free, and playing here all alone gave me a whole world of my own where I could fantasize and live out a secret inner life, in this outer space. 

I find myself drawn again to the space which has attracted my attention as long as I can remember. Now, I wander further into the rocky space and the formations, and continue on an in-depth exploration. My drawings and installations start from this very freedom of space, like a meditation, appealing to my senses through its own being ness. The materials, the stones, go beyond materiality. They become something else, something more. The stones have their own language, communicating subtly to me, requiring an intense concentration where the dialog can start, balancing a feeling of wonder and awe from within. As I draw directly and intuitively on different kinds of stoney formations, the marks from the charcoal I use disappear with the rain. Spending time here, a vocabulary develops, a narrative from within. The foreground and background melt into each other, and my art process develops through a suspension between the haptic and the optic. Like a structure, a knitting together of a sensory knowledge, a moment of boundarylessness exists, a freedom of being in the moment, and understanding that there is no sameness anywhere. The stones are never alike, yet the steady presence of the stones represent a constant. Here my starting point, drawing with charcoal or painting a narrative through found materials, like driftwood or stone, onto the irregular surface, a way of looking and existing within can develop.

The stoney coastal area is part of the general public space, in the same way as forests and mountains. The environment is under pressure, and this area is vulnerable to pollution, ever changing, yet remaining as a solid structure. The drawings and installations are close, personal, intimate dialogs through years of meandering and meditation, and represent a being in the moment, with various charcoal lines, poetic and rhythmic pulsations, emotions appear on the surface, and the viewers are drawn and invited into an emotional landscape - of an inner / outer space.