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Texture of a landscape: a micro expedition/ old forest

The daily drawing project are drawings on paper created from daily walks in the old forest in Norway. The project is part of a visual dialogue with Belgium artist, Julia Hyde. We draw everyday in each our landscapes and it has become a visual dialog between us- a way of keeping track of walking and drawing with each other, showing online our work, and we are therefore able to track each other's process even though we are situated in different countries. 

 My wanderings are from the old forest in Oslo where the beauty of dead trees are lying on the ground to decay alongside new trees. In stark contrast to the industrial cut forest that dominate our landscape where all the trees are the same size and age due to mechanical cutting of the trees. The old forest has a vast diversity in shapes and stages of decay. These forests serve as a reminder of the importance of preserving ecosystems. The drawings provide small windows into an intimate and personal view of the landscape, capturing small, fleeting moments. 

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