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Mapping edges of space/ tree

The series of apple tree drawings are created by the act of touching as I walk around it holding a piece of paper between may hand and the tree; feeling it's surface, bit by bit, and it's physicality. Walking continuously  around it with my hands steadily touching it, the drawings are intimate interactions with nature. The tree itself creates the drawings through the process of simply just being able to touch it when moving around it, and the colors and lines are made by the bark itself.  The color of the bark shifts slightly as I move, from darker brown areas, lighter and other more towards greys and greens. They  are never constant, shifting as I go along, and the composition changes too. The drawing exists as a mapping of the tree.  The feeling of it shifts slightly  as the colors are not fixed or stable. The experience of the tree is creating it's own inner vibration on the paper.

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