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Lateral displacements / nostalgia III / liminal explorations between outdoor assemblage and painting

“Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent” -Wittgenstein

The limits of language can be examined through studying approaches that are not necessarily logical, such as our understanding of  the notion of nostalgia. If we acknowledge memory and nostalgia as existing beyond the linear and fixed, a sideway understanding opens, entwined in both the past, present and future. Here  we can find openings to a reflective and regenerative journey. The philosophical writings of Wittgenstein  shows a way of connecting to the idea of language. The idea that we can’t isolate art objects in themselves and understand their grammar or explanation independent of our language. Just as our own notion of nostalgia we cannot isolate our nostalgic memories of the past to explain our understanding or grammar of our own present nostalgia.  I find a way of understanding  liminal spaces as a border in language  and as an opening, experienced  as a regenerative space between the act of painting and creative act of outdoor installations and drawings in nature.  The creative act and connections between the medias show us that the assertion of grammatical rules do not necessarily determine the truth of statements about the world, a sideway understanding is also applicable.

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