Mapping edges of color

"there are two kind of people in the world says Sand- those who dream of building a palace and those who dream of building a thatched hut who dream the small in great detail in every leaf that overhangs in every shadow every leaf the tiny writing that dreams alone. - George Sand

The series of mapping edges of color has derived from the practice of walking  and paying attention to color in nature. Color was the guiding force. Through the process of walking, a narrative starts to unfold of a mapping of the edges of color. Is it possible to reflect what we perceive of color in every leaf and all the color shades?  What color relationship exists in a visual narrative? As the colors reveal themselves as the painting process begins, a narrative reveals itself. An unfolding of a story, of human relationships, of longing of a remembered past, of the now, and of dreams of the future.  The paintings show fragments of figuration. A human form dissolved in color or two heads emerged in the abstraction of color. A dialog perhaps? The colors shift as the  walking process continues. New colors develop. At the studio an act of remembering of colors begin. Trying to remember perceived and the feelings of colors. Here, a narrative begins. The paintings can be viewed as  small fragments of figurations emerged in a color abstraction, of searching for identity and feelings. The colors relate to our imagination and the mapping of color shows how one becomes aware of identity through abstraction and visual narrative.