Their nakedness comes from the absence of everything that covers it. 

Stories are carried in the body, if we pay attention, nothing can say more I love you then feeling it. A painting, a bridge,  you can see one another more clearly. Instead of dividing. An outline can be seen as a bridge into a space. To translate a feeling of the unknown, is more than a reproduction of an expression. Like understanding change, our language changes continuously, as energy transforms and does not die. The standardized is not standardized, a textbook may be near my eyes, but you cannot put it inside a feeling. Social distancing  creates divisions, just like language can both divide or function as a bridge to one another. Like a feeling you do not know where it ends, or like the body, it may not get noticed. You begin and end in the body, the outline exists. When you are hitting a dead end, maybe questions are missing? Doing something different,  a second skin, breathing again, letting the light in because nothing can say I love you more than feeling it.

and in the trembling of the instants