Color & identity
"A line is a dot that went for a walk"

A color project in the woods, An outdoor installation series
How do colors interact with the woods, and start to create a language of their own. Each color with it's own identity, they are all attached but at the same time separate. Connecting the dots. How do we create our own identity in the world?

The series can be seen as a way of signaling, as in following a path a trail and each of the colors represents also hope. A hope to find home. Many migrants from the Middle East have walked through the woods for weeks only to reach barb-wired fences in the cold November season at the borders of Eastern Europe. The current migrant situation at the borders of Poland and Belarus, they are stuck in between borders,  expelled from Poland and Belarus refuses to allow them back in. The people are finding themselves stranded and freezing to death in Poland's forests. Many have already died of hypothermia.