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Color me softly

A color project in the woods/ Breathing color poems

Of being in flux, responding to changing contexts and ways of thinking. Moving to Norway as a teenager from the US, it changed a sense of belonging and of place. I moved with my family safely, crossing borders by showing our passports, in contrast to the many migrants moving in an unsafe environment today. The aim of this color project is not about experience, but of an experience of experiencing an awareness. I've used color to trigger an awareness;  temporarily altering the natural environment, allowing scale, form and  color to interact with  the woods. 

Winter 2021. Migrants from the Middle East have walked through the woods for weeks only to reach barb-wired fences in the cold winter season at the borders of Eastern Europe. The current migrant situation at the borders of Poland and Belarus; migrants are stuck in between borders,  expelled from Poland and Belarus refuses to allow them back in. They  are finding themselves stranded and freezing to death in Poland's forests. 

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