Claiming Spaces

"Claiming spaces"

The painting series are tracings of my own body. An abstract form emerges and signifies my own wandering soul questioning belonging, isolation,  absence and identity. 

The paintings emerged as a response to the  Covid-19 pandemic , a  crisis killing millions of people. The economic crisis disproportionately impacting the marginalized and poorest people in our global society. One can see that there is an exclusion of women in decision-making processes in both the Covid-19 response and the pandemic recovery.  Creating and claiming spaces as women, trans, gender non-conforming people will be critical and a much-needed step towards creating an equal future and achieving a gender-just society.

1.claiming space I

Oil on linen/1,75*2,15/2022claiming space II/ oil on cotton/ 150*150/2022






Whitagram-Image 121 2.jpg

How can a trace be felt through time and space, the trace of absence and presence, of life and death. The body is always in a state of disappearance, the ephemeral recognition of the body. The voice. Another layer to the traces, negotiating a recognition of corporeal presence, a reclaiming of the self. 



"Everything we do is music" by John Cage. 

How do mentally produced sounds conjure an imagined experience of liminal experience. 

The déja entendu. repetition of sound. Tonal qualities. Unexpected layering. Making sense of the unusual. It can remove us from a shared physical environment and sound functions as ethical-political.

Claiming Space III/ Oil on linen/ 200*100/2022