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Ekely Paintings

“There is no surer way” writes GW Goethe, “of evading the world than through art, and there is no surer way of connecting to the world than through art.” For several months Anne Sophie Lorange has retreated to the studio that once belonged to Edvard Munch. Here she has immersed herself in working with a series of paintings which, entitled collectively Passages Unknown, are the result of an intuitive process which explore the subtle space between known and unknown, seen and unseen. Lorange is interested in the space in-between and tries to capture indefinable elements of being.

During her time in the renowned Norwegian artist’s intimate studio, Lorange gave birth to a daughter, allowing the work to be informed by maternal reverie and the personal experience it entails. “From your large black eyes, invisible hands draw delicate threads through the pupils of my eyes and twine them around my heart” wrote Edvard Munch himself, and these words hold a special meaning for Lorange as a source of inspiration for her paintings. The works in Passages Unknown are colorful and expressive, yet equally restrained and subtle, oscillating between the seeming opposites of visible and invisible. In spite of having lived and trained abroad, Anne Sophie Lorange has a distinctive Nordic sensibility geared towards nature, which is evident by the creative force her residence at Munch’s Ekely studio has brought forth.


                                        Joakim Borda-Pedreira. Ekely 2015

The exhibition took place at Edvard Munch’s Winter Studio at Ekely 25 February – 01 March 2015. The studio is a listed heritage site run by the Edvard Munch Foundation at Ekely.

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